Holywood Network at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention

By: Christi Given

This year Holywood Network partnered with The NRB in Texas at the conference with Chuck Reich of Overcomers TV, and we had our writer Tiffany Roney Salerno stand in for TV hosting and interviews. Tiffany represented our network and even got to share our ministry with a booth, and was able to do several interviews including “THE CHOSEN SERIES.” Salerno was excited to have been able to do Holywood TV episode 7, where she interviews our guest Mike Lindell, a front line runner in the justice of elections and standing up for freedom of speech.

Below, is her and Mike Lindell CEO OF MY PILLOW AND FRANK SPEECH.

[Image: Holywood TV Reporter with Mike Lindell CEO OF FRANK SPEECH]

Watch Holywood TV Episode 7:

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Tiffany Roney Salerno, and Mike Lindell discussed the cyber symposium that he will be airing soon. For more information read the latest article we published:

Mike Lindell & Cyber Symposium News

What is really exciting about interviewing Lindell and having him on our network is not only that he was a guest on our show, and disclosed some very interesting information, but ALSO that we aired on his very own network Frank Speech. (See the video below!)

[Holywood Article Reference: https://holywoodnetwork.org/2021/07/20/my-pillow-ceo-lindell-launches-frank-speecha-free-speech-platform/ ]

Click here to watch:

Next, we want to share our Holywood Reporter Tiffany Roney Salerno’s lens as she was the representative and ambassador for Holywood Network at the NRB. Salerno shares her experience at the National Religious Broadcaster’s Convention in Texas, 2021, where she was privileged to rep Overcomers TV as well, with Horizon Media Studios.


Excerpt from Tiffany Roney Salerno:

“After wanting to meet the man for two and a half years, I finally met Mike Lindell, the CEO of My Pillow, founder of the Lindell Recovery Network and now founder of Frank Speech, at NRB 2021 — the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Dallas.

I intended to interview him for the Holywood Network, but upon first meeting him at the booth that my client, Horizon Media Studios, was sharing with Lindell, I was too timid to grab him for an interview at that moment. It was only him and our team on site, and he seemed free and available at the moment, but I felt uncertain.

Was I wearing the right clothing? Would he think I was bothering him?

Mike is accustomed to being swarmed by people and has had thousands line up to see him at other events in hopes of a photo with him, an autograph from him or an opportunity to tell him about their book, ministry or business idea.

So, I just told him how meeting him was a dream come true and how much I enjoy filming addiction recovery testimonies for his faith-based ministry platform, the Lindell Recovery Network.

The second time we had a moment together at the booth, it just wasn’t the right timing. As usual, crowds were swarming him. He had time at that moment for photos but not for interviews. When my turn came for a photo with him in front of our booth banners, I worried that it would be my only moment with him, so I left his side to go searching for my microphone. 

Thus, I came away from the booth that day with no interview and no photo, feeling a little discouraged.

Toward the end of Mike’s stay at NRB, before he left to testify about election fraud in Washington, D.C., I was walking the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center, praying about the whole thing. I apologized to God if I had missed the right moment or if I was supposed to have gotten the contact information for Lindell’s assistant, and I surrendered the desire to get an interview with one of the most sought-after men in America.

Right after that prayer, I turned the corner, and there was Lindell. 

He and his team were sitting at a table at the back edge of a restaurant with no one else around. I ran up, talked to his assistant, cleared the OK for an interview, and retrieved Anna Kim, Lisa Price and Lisa Gruccio from another part of the atrium. It was a team effort as the ladies prayed over me, primped me before my on-screen interview, and then held phone flashlights and a phone camera in the back of the restaurant.

For an on-the-fly set-up, the resulting video is one we all can be proud of.

If you think you’ve missed your opportunity to do something for God, surrender it all to Him and seek Him, regardless of the outcome. He is the God of redemption and the God of a second chance. 

If it’s His will, He will work with you to bring it to pass.”

The Holywood Network was honored to be represented at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Dallas, thanks to a partnership with Horizon Media Studios, the parent company of Overcomers TV, which shared a booth with Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow and founder of Frank Speech and the Lindell Recovery Network.

Tiffany Roney Salerno, writer and host for the Holywood Network, interviewed Lindell during his final evening at the Gaylord Hotel and Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas, before Lindell flew out to testify at a hearing about election fraud.

In partnership with Horizon Media Studios
Helping Addicts Overome by Hearing Testimonies, Support and more.

Learn more at: www.FrankSpeech.com



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