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Christi Given-Founder of the Holywood Network & Contributor

Christi Given, Founder of Holywood Network

Christi Given is the CEO/Founder of the Holywood Network, a contributing writer, TV host, and director of the website. Given is a former Trinity Broadcasting Network host and has been seen on the JUCE TV NETWORK, and Newsmax. Her passion is to reach the youth with the Gospel and her music. She hopes to encourage the younger generation in their faith through media and technology. Her podcast and 2 TV shows “TRUTH NEWS,” and “Holywood TV,” can be seen on Frank Speech ( She has been heard on KPRZ and KKLA Radio. Our podcast, “Building Holywood,’ (hosted by Given), airs on Spotify @HolywoodNetwork and on Anchor FM. Read more: or to get in contact with her on social media @christigiven and @HolywoodNetwork  

Go to IMDB for more information on her previous hosting and TV shows.

Tiffany Roney Salerno- Writer, Host

Tiffany Salerno-Contributor

Tiffany grew up writing fiction stories and songs; choreographing and performing dance routines; starting small businesses; and directing, filming and acting in comedic shorts and music videos with her friends. Raised in Abilene, Kansas, but now lives in Los Angeles, CA. Tiffany graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and public relations and a minor in creative writing. After living and working in Kansas City, she returned to K-State and earned a graduate certificate in technical writing and professional communication. In her early 20s, she started playing guitar and returned to songwriting with renewed vision, focusing especially on children’s music. She is the editor for the book, “Daughter of the King” by founder Christi Given, on Barnes and Nobles and Amazon Books. Roney-Salerno just released her first debut EP, “I Am A Worshipper,” on iTunes, Spotify and more. Go to her ministry website to learn about her kids ministry and about her work she does with her husband Anthony Salerno as well.

Emily Kirk- Guest Writer/Contributor

Emily Kirk

Emily Kirk currently resides in Adelaide, the land down under, in South Australia. Kirk is a guest writer and contributor for the Holywood Network. She is currently a student, and her focus is broadcast Journalism and Communications. She has written multiple pieces for Holywood. Not only has Emily been a reader and follower of the Holywood Scoop blog for years, but she also followed Christi Given, our founder, through her contributing articles she wrote for a Christian website online for over 7 years.