Walt Disney Studios- Invitation & Prayer


Recently,  I had the privilege of going to the Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, CA. I had been driving past it a few times because I record songs for TV near the area and noticed the Mickey Mouse ears on the tall black surrounding gates. Last year, my friend David applied for an editing position at Disney, and was hired and I felt led to reach out to him. Meanwhile, my peer Aaron at TBN (The Trinity Broadcasting Network), felt the Lord say last week, “go to Disney Studios,” and he just happened to tell me about it.

I set up a lunch meeting for us three to do a tour and to eat in the Walt Disney studios cafe on site, Friday March 3. Another coincidence about Disney Studios (which, I have never been to, and quite frankly it wasn’t on my list of places to necessarily go), but at the House of Prayer last week someone mentioned we need to pray for Hollywood (aka Holy-wood), and the revival that would soon take place and we need to pray for “DISNEY STUDIOS.” Sheesh, how many confirmations could I get to go?Yesterday was so powerful and a very neat experience. David greeted us at the Zorro entry and we all walked around the studio lot where many television shows are filmed. The gift shop had the “Beauty and the Beast” theme, (soon to be released March 2017), which is one of my all time favorite movies since I was a little girl.We headed over to lunch after a walk through of the lots, and we saw an old fashioned office type of building which I felt in my spirit was historical. David said, yes that it was an original office that Disney used and they transported it to Buena Vista Street in Burbank because it was such a significant and original Disney Studio.

After lunch, we walked over to a garden area with statues of Walt and Mickey, and a wall of people’s hands imprinted with a legacy plaque all over the campus. Many legendary people like Julia Andrews were there, as well as other iconic influencers. In the midst of taking photos and wrapping up our meeting, Aaron walks over to a man in a wheel chair and also, a lady who had brought him in as a guest. I knew when Aaron was talking with him he would want to pray for healing over him.

David had to get back to his editing bay and a meeting and we said our goodbyes and I walked over to meet the man in the wheelchair named Baroque from Bosnia. He smiled and seemed super friendly and we witnessed to him and the lady and prayed for him. We prayed for healing in Baroque’s legs as he was shot at in the war and was paralyzed from the waist down. What a wonderful day to share the Gospel and the good news of Jesus!

Holywood is here and many Christian groups such as the Hollywood Prayer Network and other ministries are doing studio prayer walks. So awesome! Love how God opens doors and shows us He is guiding us to be apart of His big plan! Keep praying for Holywood!



Miracle Story: My Music Debut on KKLA 99.5FM with Reaching Out Radio “Building God’s Kingdom in Hollywood”


As many of you know I am a singer- songwriter, and mainly a Christian contemporary artist. Last year I made a list and found all the Christian radio stations in the U.S. and planned on going down to the list to submit my new song, “The Other Side (Amazing Grace)” which is a miracle song in itself. (Produced by Grammy winning engineer Nathan Dantzler, and Capitol CMG’s Joshua Silverberg-another divine connection from the Lord).

So I sent my song last year to the Fish LA Radio (a Contemporary Christian radio station) and didn’t hear back assuming they receive a lot of submissions and emails. Then, approximately two weeks ago, (in July) I sent a letter of interest to want to so resume’ to see if there was a possibly part-time job opportunity. I got a response about my letter of interest, but they were not hiring at the a Fish LA Christian music station but rather KKLA (99.5 FM) which, is a more Pastoral and Christian talk radio. I know the station well and had found a KKLA flier randomly in an old journal, but didn’t think it could be possible. Also, a week prior to emailing the Fish LA for job and didn’t know KKLA owns the Fish…God is so powerful.


After my best friend’s sons party I left the gated community in Beverly Hills on a beautiful Saturday in July, and rolled down my window to say goodbye to Steve my friend. I don’t stop for every guard and when I entered a different guard was on duty. Steve is a friend of mine now and has been a blessing to me and I hope to have been an encouragement to him. I blessed him with my worship cd and we talk music all the time and about Jesus because, well that’s just who I am and what I love to do! He is so cool and nice and I always love stopping to say hi. This time I stopped it was different, and God had plans in store. I was somewhat discouraged not knowing the next steps in my life, thankful for what God has done in TV and through my music so far but thinking I have such a long way to go and asking God when will he launch my music? When would I be on the radio? It just seems like forever… But I do trust God and know He is faithful and always good. He is ALWAYS on time.

As I stop and I’m about to go out of the private gate, Steve asked how I was and visa versa and I told him I was at a cross roads waiting to hear about what God wants next for my music and he said, “I want you to meet my friend Elisa, Christina she is a mighty woman of God and loves Jesus like you… Can I give her your number? You know she works for a radio station called KKLA… She will have you on her show I’m sure sometime!” In my head I’m like, “Um, wait excuse me?! Can you repeat that??! Did he say KKLA?!” What are the odds out of ALL THE RADIO STATIONS IN LOS ANGELES, CA and of all people of all timing?! He didn’t have to be at work at that exact moment, he didn’t have to connect me to Elisa that exact week, nor did I have to roll down my window and have our usual talk. God is amazing friends and His timing is PERFECT. (Ecclesiastes 3)

I told him God had me to send my letter of interest for a job that the Fish LA Radio sent me, but I hadn’t gotten to send it yet, but there was an old KKLA brochure flier on my desk at home literally while he was telling me this… A huge sign from God.


[Image: Flier at home just sitting on desk]

I’m like, “Steve, I was just about to ask them about a job!” Not to mention, I had a little list of my week and my plan of what I would do for music Monday’s and I had an idea to start my own radio show for Youtube Tuesday’s from home, and I wrote out the rest of the days of the week for blogging, Project Inspired, JUCE TV, church, and so forth. We will come back to this point in a minute. It’s as if God opened the door before I even knocked on it… And it’s not easy just jumping in to be on a radio show nor is it easy to get your song playing on radio! Only God could set this up!


Steve calls her Saturday, Elisa said she was busy and her friend Juan was in the hospital, having been diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer, and her mind was on overload and not thinking of really connecting with new people. Steve texted, (no response), called (no response), he called again and Elisa told me she said, “I knew something was going on when he kept calling me.” She said she wanted to just call him after Tuesday (that day was Saturday or Sunday). She said, I called him back and he said, “Elisa, I want you to meet Christi, she’s a woman of faith like you and she’s a singer who works at TBN, and she had a vision to work at KKLA!” She stopped, and felt like God wanted her to tune in and really listen. He was up to something special. Elisa has felt also she was called to Hollywood much like me with “Holywood.” Her whole show is called, “BUILDING GOD’s KINGDOM IN HOLLYWOOD!!!!” She said come in Tuesday (the exact day I wrote down on my schedule that I would start my own little Youtube radio show possibly from home). I felt God laugh like He had bigger plans than me doing this from home but rather I would be on a real radio station only 2 weeks later! Wow! Not only that but she had a connection and feeling she would one day be interviewed by TBN. What a divine appointment and connection.


The radio show could have been about ANYTHING but her show is all about bringing good, clean music back to popular radio, resurrecting old Hollywood and even faith based films as we have been seeing in the theaters. Wow is this up my alley or WHAT?! Elisa felt the prompting of the Holy Spirit to call me and Sunday she called to have me on the show to tape and record Tuesday July 19, 2016. When I walked into the studio I met our co-host Mark, who is an awesome man of faith and also shares the same passion for the Gospel, healing Hollywood and bringing revival in entertainment and truthfully when we talked we could have spoken for an hour because the conversation just flowed.

Not only did the radio interview happen so smoothly but Elisa was impressed because I’m able to interview guests on JUCE TV (we talked about me interviewing her in the future and I saw the Hollywood sign all over her life). We had some confirmations and just a beautiful time of fellowship,  but also God sent us a huge sign of confirmation that we were going to be making changes in Hollywood. Right after I told her she was like a female Moses and she agreed God calls her this… She didn’t try to do radio but God opened this door… At that moment sitting in the booth at the restaurant we ate at after just me and Elisa, there was a screen behind her head in the restaurant and it said there was a fire in Hollywood on TV. Shocked,  I walked up to take a picture of the screen it said “grass fire in Hollywood,” and a man said, “The Hollywood sign area is on fire…” Wow God was confirming what He was doing… Allowing us to see what is happening. So many other miracles happened but I will attach photos to show you God’s power is real and is available to you too! Keep dreaming, praying, and standing up for the Gospel, and keep praying for Hollywood!


The show went well and airs Saturday, July 30 on 99.5 fm KKLA (11:30pm PT), and on Sunday July 31, 2016 at 6pm (PT). TUNE IN PLEASE! God bless you! Jesus loves you so much! Ask Christ in your heart if you do not know him as your personal Lord and Savior. (Read the Bible chapter 3 in the book of John).

Please tune in and continue to pray for this ministry and for the music! To God be the glory! Comment below if you have a prayer request! Find me on Facebook.com/ChristiGiven if you have a personal question or prayer request and share this blog with friends, and family.



Since before Tori blew up on the charts and got discovered, I loved watching her Youtube covers, and before Amy Grant decided to do this collaboration I was a huge fan listening to her music as a little girl thanks to my Mom! Two totally talented artists have made the comeback for awakening a hit song that can outlast the test of time! “Baby Baby,” released in 1991, was Grant’s major love song hit and put her on the map as an artist. The song was from the album, “Heart in Motion,” and was written by Grant and writer Keith Thomas. I am so happy Grant is decided to re-release the song and to partner with someone as awesome as Tori Kelly as well! What a fun duo for both parties!


Tori Kelly started her career making Youtube videos (over 24 million views), doing live shows, and finally getting discovered with her self-released album, “Handmade Songs By Tori Kelly.” She worked with Capitol Records to release her first EP, “Forward,” which opened the door to her career really being launched. She did a lot of co-writing, and worked with industry professionals, (aka-she earned her spot on the charts), and now she is a professional recording artist signed to Capitol Records. Tori has over 1 million subscribers on her Youtube Channel, has sold over 1.5 million songs in the U.S. and has over 163 million streams. (www.torikellymusic.com)


Tori Kelly is a Christian and was inspired by gospel singer Crystal Lewis, according to her Official website, and Amy Grant was a well-known Christian singer in the 90’s. Perfect singing duo match, amen?

Watch the Official Lyric Video by Amy Grant for “Baby Baby” featuring Tori Kelly:

Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euMfgdv_TWw


Watch the Behind the Scenes Recording Video of Pop Singer Tori Kelly & Contemporary Christian Artist Amy Grant:


This is such a divine connection for both artists as it gives Amy a fresh sound with the release of her single, produced by Dave Garcia, but also puts Tori out there in the music world even more with Contemporary Christian legend Amy Grant.


[Source: http://amygrant.com

[Source:  http://www.torikellymusic.com ]

[Source: http://www.billboard.com ]

Do you see a rise of leaders, influencers, worship leaders, and even under cover artists rising up to change Hollywood for the better? Let’s keep praying and be a light in the dark places, amen?

Fun question for my readers, “What are some of your favorite Amy Grant songs?” I loved her Christmas releases…takes me back to my childhood! 🙂 God bless you all! Thank you for subscribing!!

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LA Coliseum Revival “THE CALL:AZUZA NOW”

It all started when the Lord showed me an ” all access” sign similar to the one I saw when I was at the Oscar party.  Read my Azuza post below to understand the all access I speak of. 

(Read my first Azuza post here: https://holywoodscoop.wordpress.com/azuza-now-event-why-you-should-attend-my-miracle-story-the-call-for-revival-2016

Azusa Now Mobilization Instagram_0

First thing that I encounter is my friend Robbie who used to host with me at the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He has a media pass and says that he can possibly get me to the media area. He mentions JUCE TV is here and I connect with the director Mark at the press booth. We get ushered up to the media area and keep in mind it has been pouring rain at an all outdoor stadium! People are still worshipping since 7am and earlier. I arrive at 1pm. I texted Mark, and he ushered me up to JUCE media booth.


First off, I got a free parking spot in a residential area, and keep in mind that “The Call: Azuza Now 2016” event was held at the LA Coliseum near USC. The USC Festival of Books was taking place and the traffic nearby was crazy. I finally meet up with my friends Bridgette and Aaron, we walk right in no tickets needed.


Seriously, God is so good my friend messaged me he was in media, we get ushered up to Press Box, then JUCE director wants me to wait to be ready to go on camera when I had no agenda to be filming but to worship. God works in mysterious ways, and sometimes calls us to be on assignment, even when we least expect it. 


I see some mutual friends Former Miss America’s Kristen Dalton from 2009, her husband and author Kris Wolfe, and actor Ben Davies, a fellow co- host for JUCE Kelly Tittle and my friend Claire who works at JUCE. 


[Image: Former Miss USA Kristen Dalton, & Actor Ben Davies]



Next, I go down to get my friend in the elevator and as I’m inside with about 10 people this young guy named Daniel, asked me, “What’s your name?” I replied, “Christina,” and he said, “My wife is wanting to meet you, Autumn.” I am blown away, again read my first Azuza blog, she is a worship leader who contacted me on Instagram and led worship at 1:30pm for the revival.


Daniel Katz, her husband was Lou Engle’s personal assistant for years. Literally God was setting it all up and confirming everything He told me to do. I am so grateful I showed up and didn’t let the rain stop me. Autumn’s phone had died so if I had not been in the elevator at that exact moment, I may have not met her. Daniel takes me downstairs to meet Autumn. 


[Image: God TV Live Azuza Now LIVE@GODTV]


By the way, I got my media pass which was “ALL ACCESS.” Me and Autumn hug and meet and act as though we have known each other forever! She is precious and I love her song, “Sound of Rain,” and she is moved to California soon to plant a church. Crazy how God connects on social media then in a field stadium with over 100,000 people… Only God can do that! 


I felt in my spirit when I met Autumn a tugging in my heart, “Go to the stage..” (the pass that I had was all access and it said “PRODUCTION”) Moments later, Autumn confirms the Holy Spirit’s leading and  says, “We’re heading to the stage, wanna come?” I laugh, yes I want to go and we proceed to go down the multiple flights of stairs in the LA COLISEUM. 


As we get backstage there I meet a TV host from LA where it is based in London, named Cynthia, a guy Jared from Nashville and this guy walks up named Tim, who I feel is a poet or psalmist. I sense I have met him before and he asks me what I am thinking. I laugh, I say, “You are connected to 116 Clique.” He says, “What’s that?” I say, “You know Lecrae’s people and Andy Mineo’s crew…” He looks at me with awe and says, “Whoa, I am meeting with Andy soon… How did you know?” Only God knew. But I believe God connected us for musical reasons. God is so cool. 


He then speaks over my life how I am a voice for the generation. I show him the TBN newsletter of Paul Crouch, Jan, Matt and Laurie and how I was in the last one brochure and newsletter of the youth being a voice based off Paul Crouch’s dream about a young girl with blonde hair and a round face who stood in front of thousands of youth saying, “Give us a voice..” And the next day Paul Crouch birthed JCTV, now JUCE TV. 


He was shocked and blown away and began to prophesy to me. He said the Lord would multiply me like an Esther. I stop him and say how God speaks to me through royalty, crowns, being a Princess, and how Esther is the study I am doing by Beth Moore with about 20 other girls. He is shocked and it is confirmed, and I told him we are in week 7/9 on our 9 week Esther Bible study. He mentions some other powerful words and we connect via Facebook and the adventure continues. 


Autumn said she must urgently get her phone which is charging in the food tent up above the coliseum area and it’s about 4:50 and she said they serve food at 5pm.. How did God know I was hungry… Kidding. 


[Image: Esther study confirming Tim’s prophetic word over me that I would be an Esther..what a timely word. I am almost finished with this in depth study by Beth Moore.]


[Image: Mary Hudson (Katy’s Mom and me in the press box with JUCE TV Network]

By the way, to pre tell this part of the story, this past Sunday I went to Influence church in Anaheim Hills and worshipped with Kim Walker Smith from Jesus Culture. There, I saw a lady who looked like it reminded me of Katy Perry’s mom and I know she is a Christian. I prayed for Katy in my heart and was convinced it was her Mom, and I wanted to go up to say hi, but didn’t want to bother her. I didn’t say hi but I thought, if it’s meant to be I’ll run into her again. Well, it happened to be 6 days later… What are the odds! Only God can do this kind of stuff people! 


[Image: Me & Katy Perry’s Dad Keith Hudson, an evangelist and speaker on fire for Jesus! We are praying for Katy to return to the Lord in worship…pray with us!]

I walk into the food tent for VIPs, leaders, guests, and volunteers and there is wonderful snacks, food and coffee and a long line. The second I walk in, guess who I see? Yup. Katy’s Dad, Keith, I think, “Lord I want to encourage him about his daughter and how I am praying for her, but I don’t want to bug him.” Well something in me, maybe from fasting just was bold and not afraid and I walked up to him, smiled and started to speak. He looked puzzled at first but as I started to encourage him, I spoke the word of the Lord that ‘when you teach a child in their way they should go they will not depart from it.’ I mentioned The Call (in Hollywood at Universal), that took place a couple years ago he was at for revival that I attended and told him about Holywood, JUCE TV, TBN and how it would be great to interview him and his wife at some point for the youth network JUCE TV. Currently, there is no acronym for JUCE YET… But I believe by the power of the Holy Spirit it is “J-esus, U-niting C-ulture , and E- entertainment.” 


Keith and I prayed I laid hands on him and he said, “Please pray for Katy.” I told him I was and just prayed for him for strength, his ministry and future of their daughter to come back to worship in Jesus mighty name! 

Next, he told me to talk to his wife about coming on JUCE TV NETWORK or TBN possibly, she agreed and gave me her business card. We all talked about the youth, the next generation and even Coachella and how we should send some people there to minister. 


I then see my friend Jaeson Ma, an evangelist well known especially in Asia, who I met through an entertainment Bible Study in Venice in 2011, who I adore. He is an awesome brother in Christ who encouraged me about my music and ministry. Ma is a hip-hop artist and also works with many influencers such as MC Hammer and we both have mutual friends. Was cool running into him. (Go to: JaesonMa.com for more about his ministry and music.) 


Next thing I know we go back downstairs to the amphitheater and I see friend Rabbi Jason Sobel, who is a Messianic Jew and Pastor of a local beach church. We connected and I have interviewed him before on TBN for JUCE TV’s “Hot Off the Press.” He invited me to his Passover dinner this month and Monday night after Tbn’s “Praise the Lord” taping I attended with evangelist Todd White, I was spoken to by someone that evening I would be influential in the Jewish community. I felt God was already showing me his confirmations. 


I go back up to the JUCE booth, bring Autumn, we do an interview that I got set up last minute for her to talk about her single, how cool is God?! I wasn’t even planning on working or hosting but God gave me no access to VIP access, favor and blessings. Here is the photo of the interview below! 


I mention to Mark McCallie of JUCE TV NETWORK, that I spoke with Katy’s Mom and Dad and that we should invite them to The Trinity Broadcasting Network for an interview or to watch a taping and literally about 1 minute after I said that, they were behind us about to do a last minute segment for our live Azuza piece. Wow, God works and moves quick! 

katy perrys parents JUCE .jpg

God is behind the move of Holy-Wood people and things are shifting and changing. Just as the founder of “The Call & the Azuza Now” revival, Lou Engle spoke  of last night, we will start to see more stadium Christianity, where there will be thousands coming to Christ and will hear the Gospel. We live in exciting yet urgent days. 


[Image: Painting from Revival of God holding our nation in His arms! WOW!]

More miracles happened but these are the highlights of what God did! Before I wrap up this post I have to share about my vision of a tsunami wave (the Holy Spirit aka the living water) coming over LA and the Lord show me a huge tidal wave coming to sweep over LA, Hollywood and through the nations…


[Image: Girl immersed in the living water..my interpretation..the Holy Spirit has drowned her in His Holy Presence…]


[Image: Chapman John Hamborg Art for the Bethel Music Worship album cover “HAVE IT ALL]


[Image: Me and artist Chapman John Hamborg ]

Last night, after being ushered into the front where Bethel worship band was leading my favorite worship songs… I met the Powerful painter and artist for the Bethel Church Worship team and Azuza named, Chapman. (Aka- Chappy) I told him that his painting of the girl immersed under water is beautiful and shared that I saw a tsunami wave coming over LA years ago representing revival in Los Angeles (most influential place with Hollywood, media, culture, and entertainment in the world,) and the Lord show me a huge tidal wave coming to sweep over LA, Hollywood and through the nations… He told me, “I painted that!” Let me get the painting and show you!!! Wow God confirmed His vision to me! The wave is the living water, the powerful Holy Spirit and the Word of God!


Lou Engle prayed powerful prayers over everyone and spoke prophetic words over the church and how we will start to see more stadium Christianity where revival will be taking place and the Gospel will be reached throughout the nations. 


Bethel worship band led a few of my favorite songs, especially Amanda Cook’s “Pieces” and “Your Love Never Fails.” What a powerful, anointed night of worship! So honored to be there and right in the front row with media! God showed me I have all access not only with media but in HIS PRESENCE ABOVE ALL! AMEN?? So thankful for salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.


[Image: The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, roaring!!!]

During the afternoon, I saw an empty wheelchair and felt like God said that I would pray for someone in a wheelchair. Eventually, as the night progressed I forgot about it and guess what happened? A small group of us at the front of the venue ended up having an opportunity to pray for a lady in a wheelchair! I believe the young woman will be healed as I saw a wheelchair and the Lord confirmed I would pray for someone who needed healing. Below is a woman being restored, I pray she can get up and walk again in Jesus name. 


The night was powerful, and overwhelming to say the least but God does Ephesians 3:20 when we surrender, listen, walk with Him and honor the Lord! He is so good and wants to work miracles in your life too! Will you join the body of Christ and family of God? 



Comment below if you see the vision and fruition of “Holy-Wood”!! Comment below! Jesus loves you. 


By: Christi Given


It all started when I felt the promptings of the Holy Spirit to tell me to start a Hollywood prayer walk about a week or two ago. (In the middle of the month of February 2016) Within the past year, I have been actively involved in an industry Bible Study, called, “MFC” that serves people in the entertainment fields. Last week I checked the Facebook page for the industry study and ironically at the same time I was having the promptings of the Holy Spirit to walk around Hollywood like Joshua did with Jericho; simultaneously, my friend Caren Elle, (who is also in the study), felt the same thing. My friend Caren initiated the Hollywood Oscar prayer walk under the umbrella of the global ministry of “Models For Christ”  I was blown away to see that the Lord was confirming this in my heart and that He was already setting it up. In the meantime, I had been gifted a book from MFC called, “The Circle Maker, (Praying Circles Around Your Biggest Dreams and Greatest Fears),” written by Mark Batterson. I just happened to be reading about Joshua and Jericho and in the particular chapter I was in, the author was saying, “KEEP CIRCLING JERICHO” (or in my terms, keep circling and praying for revival in Hollywood and the industry as a whole.)


[Image: The Models For Christ Image I saw on Facebook About the Prayer Walk in Hollywood for the 2016 Oscars confirming my vision of a Hollywood Prayer Walk]

I just love what God does when He confirms His Word, keeps His promises, and shows us that HIS way is HIGHER. In part one, the first circle is, “DREAM BIG,” and I have been told by many people recently to do just that and God has confirmed through friends that God is in the inner and outer circles of life and is the great connector and real manager of my life. I love how the author on page 44 says, “Dreaming is a form of praying, and praying is a form of dreaming.” Love that, and I agree that God puts desires in our hearts, and as we get closer to Him He alters those desires to be HIS desires for HIS glory. Another part of the book says,

” God does miracles for one reason and one reason alone: to spell HIS GLORY. We might just happen to be the beneficiaries.” -The Circle Maker

And the Lord answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.” (Habakkuk 2:2-4)

Speaking of the confirmations of “dreaming big,” I was recently overhearing about the 60th Anniversary special of Disney (see LA Times link below) and one of the kids I work with wrote a bio of Walt Disney’s life…who was a major dreamer and doer. “When you wish upon a star your dreams will come true…” 

[Source: http://touch.latimes.com/#section/-1/article/p2p-84491337]

We know as believers in Christ, we pray to God and we aren’t wishing but rather praying and seeking the Lord, but yes, having the faith like a child is what God wants and I think seeing this biography and hearing about the anniversary of Disney was a reminder to keep dreaming and envisioning for great things in Hollywood. (Habakkuk 2)  Of course the dream is to reach souls, advance the Kingdom, and for me it is to lead people in worship and into God’s presence but I love how many things just confirm and tie together.


[Image: Part 1 from “The Circle Maker” By: Mark Batterson]


Yesterday, on Sunday February 28, 2016 there were 6 girls total to pray for the city of Hollywood, and the industry as a whole. Christi (me), Caren, Anne, Lacey, Song, and Sandy. Song was from out of town and flew out to just be apart of what God is doing. Song, who flew in by faith from out of town, also prayed and gave each of us some encouraging words. See the picture below:


[Image: Christi, Anne, Caren, Sandy, Lacey, and Song.]

We started the day with meeting together on La Brea at the Mosaic church, then the CVS on Hollywood Blvd, and we were going to walk and pray where God led us. Caren and I carpooled and off the bat had many miracles. First, we found a great parking spot and even met a guy named Bryan from Mosaic who helped give us a parking pass, was very friendly and not to mention, he came out of nowhere when Caren and I needed to find out about the parking because of the craziness from the Oscars. Bryan was so beyond helpful and even opened the doors of the church to let us borrow his phone charger which was portable. (Caren was worried her phone would die, and of course as always, God provided.)


[Image: Bryan who helped us find parking, lent us a portable charger, & more! Love his shirt, “MAN OF GOD.” God has a sense of humor. He really showed us He was with us that day.]

Caren and I proceeded to meet the girls where we prayed behind Subway, and Caren asked us to pray for 2 celebrities each that God put on our heart. I felt led to pray for Tom Hanks and for Leonardo Dicaprio. Ironically, Leonardo won for “Best Actor,” after years of being nominated and working hard as a phenomenal actor. We prayed each person God placed on our hearts would use their influence well and also that they would find the Lord Jesus. We prayed that after all success, they would know there is still something more…


We split off two by two to go out and walk the town and pray to see where God would take us. Me and Anne were paired {the girl on the left in the photo above.} Next, Sandy and Lacey were paired off, and then Caren and Song were to walk together. We prayed different people along the way, I took photos and documented what God was doing and also not to mention, we kept running into each other amidst the blocked off streets, the crowds, and in the midst of the chaos. I couldn’t believe how much fan fare there was, and it grieved my heart to see the idolatry (modern day idol worship), and realized how badly the Gospel really needs to get out.


So many people are looking for love, affirmation and for validation. Many on this day felt rejected, or maybe “unimportant,” while of course honoring those who have worked hard is good, many just seemed lost and almost like fascinated by the Academy Awards event. Had it not been for the prayer walk, I probably wouldn’t have gone and there were several moments when I wanted to flee the area and just go to church to worship, but I realized I was on an assignment, to re-claim the territory back for God’s glory in music, worship, and that the films and media would get out HIS name…that the Gospel WILL be preached through the industry called, “HOLLYWOOD.”


[Image: The correspondent to pray and reach those with the Gospel. Haha I made this pic prior to getting Caren on the way, I think God wants me to be HIS journalist, sharing the “GOOD-NEWS.” If you want to know if Christians have fun, the answer is YES!]


[Image: A run in with the other prayer group…God is so good!]


Next, we headed back to the Roosevelt Hotel, which was pretty difficult to enter unless you had a VIP pass which cost about $150.00 to have dinner and watch the Oscars on a screen in the hotel ballroom hosted by the Hollywood Roosevelt, and included would be food, drinks and so forth. I had seen two blonde girls who looked like twins when I first entered into the Roosevelt, and when my friend Anne, (my prayer partner) and I had initially walked into the hotel, there was strong security in the sense that they asked if you were staying there and or I assume were wondering if you had a pass for the special event. We had none, but we were able to enter anyways.


[Image: Me & the Twins]

Fast forward at the end of our prayer walk, I asked God to use me as I was getting tired and was ready to head to church in DTLA. After Caren, Song, Anne, and I ran into each other and decided to head back to eat at the hotel’s restaurant 25 Degrees, I see the same girls again. They turn around and ask me if I am from their hometown, (as they were just visiting), and yes they were twins! They told me about their VIP passes and how much they were and so forth, and they had to run, as they were leaving on a big trip the next week. Deep down I wanted the passes to borrow, but I knew they were costly, as well as I had just met the girls, but the Lord assured me I wouldn’t need a pass for what HE would do that evening. (Crazy, I know.) The girls ended up not coming back but it was interesting how God took me on this intricate journey. Next thing, the girls wanted a photo with me because they think they maybe saw me from JUCE TV, or something and they knew I did music, so I took the photo and we headed on our way to eat.


[Image: http://25degreesrestaurant.com ]


The whole prayer team re-gathered to meet at the home base of fellowship at the restaurant in the Roosevelt Hotel, which God ordered our steps to. (We were planning on a eating at a buffalo wing place originally), but I felt in the spirit God would do something great in the Roosevelt that evening. JUST as we sit down, across from our booth there were about 5 gentleman with red carpet credentials hanging from their necks, as though they just came from the Oscars. (Which, they were in fact from the Academy Awards E News Coverage.) One of the guys, Thomas, exclaims, “CAREN!” They hug, talk, laugh, and catch up, and lo and BEHOLD….Caren formerly worked with a guy from the team (on E News) who was doing interviews on the red carpet. Small world, and what a timely, appointed moment.


[Source: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1112984/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cr138 ]

Tom from E News was very friendly, and shared about how he just had a shunt put into his heart or had some kind of surgery done. I look at him after hearing about all of this, and tell him, “God will heal your heart.” He smiles and we carry on, order our burgers and sweet potato fries, and him and his friends order Guinness shakes. (Never heard of those it was news to me…lol)  We all end up taking a picture at the booth, as my sister in Christ Elvina, calls and is on the phone with me. Thomas makes me laugh because he said, “ELVINA, YOU ARE IN THE PICTURE…” and we take a group photo (see below.)  Well later in the evening, she really WOULD be in the picture, because as she was visiting Los Angeles, she was heading home on the freeway but decided to turn around and join me, and she said she just “happened” to be dressed up.


As Tom goes back to his table to have his milkshake on his break before the next red carpet filming, the two girls Sandy and Lacey shared some stories about their adventure and how they prayed and talked to a single Mom, raising two kids on her own with no help and no job. The woman’s name was LaShonda and she was a believer, who was sober and in desperate need of help. Lacey and Sandy put their thinking caps on, and referred her to a hotel (with low rates to help her out), as well as set up a “GO FUND Me” to help her and her two kids. Caren helped arrange it too and between some of the girls bought her a hotel for the evening. Seriously, how amazing to help a single Mom, on the day of the Oscars and to actually DO something about it! That is Kingdom work right there, love it.

When the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, he will sit on his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will put the sheep on his right and the goats on his left.

Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. 35For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’

“Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’

The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’” – JESUS {Matthew 25:31-40}


Click here to help donate to the GO FUND ME Project, supported by MFC:


Another point to add, there were free Bibles at the Mosaic church, I felt led to grab just one, and put it in my purse for the road at the beginning of the day. After we ate and wrapped up our meal, we headed downstairs to talk and take pictures, and film a clip for their idea for the “Go Fund Me” Project that Lacey and Sandy wanted to initiate. (Watch the Youtube clip here.) Lo and behold, out of no where comes LaShonda and her two kids with her stroller. She didn’t even know we were there in the Roosevelt and came to the area we were filming for the Youtube “Go Fund Me” project for her. We all got to meet her, I got to give her the Bible (she doesn’t own one), and we were able to help her somewhat for the day (including gummy bears I had in my purse for the precious kids), and also Caren, Lacey and Sandy were able to help get her information for a shelter and set her up with a room at a hotel nearby.



Everyone dispersed and some went home, but for me, God still had me on assignment, and my friend Elvina was meeting me at the hotel. Moments after her arriving there on Hollywood Blvd at the Roosevelt, we gathered near a private party area, where we ended up seeing the abrupt exclamation regarding Leonard Dicaprio’s win and ended up with a group of people celebrating his victory! This was also a way for us to be in the midst of the private party where God opened another door for me and Elvina.


Next, Elvina and I meet a French actor upstairs on his way to an after party and asked if we were going. We literally were open to what God had that evening, and we ended up in the “Spare Room” at the Roosevelt and God really had His hand on us that evening. The room was an exclusive area with a vintage bowling lane or two and had two rows of low seating and tables with dim lighting that had wooden bingo boards on the tables. Sunday was bingo night, and we decided to play, eat and visit. We talked to our friend Max about acting, and even got to share who Jesus was with him. He was a kind and young humble man who was fun to talk to and who was also I think blown away by what God did next. Suddenly, a voice comes on through the loud speaker in the dim, old fashioned lounge that says, “AN OSCAR WINNER HAS ENTERED THE ROOM!” I had ordered a brat, because at the restaurant I only ate a few fries and had been fasting all day, so I was enjoying my meal.


As I look up, I feel I am transported into a movie or a dream and see a group of well dressed men and women, (obviously just off the Academy Award train), who are laughing, and bouncing around 2 Oscars. My friend leans over, and says, “Go take a picture!” I already was wrestling with this in my head and thought, LORD YOU ARE THE REAL PRIZE…but I couldn’t deny how COOL God was to let me be in this VIP after party, from NO ACCESS to VIP ACCESS just as God told me. This isn’t about the Oscar or the celebrity but all about what GOD CAN DO and that He really is the very important person (V.I.P.) when you roll with God He can open doors no man can shut. (Revelation 3, Isaiah 22:22)


[Image: Photo I took of the producer James for the Oscar Winning Documentary “AMY” and audio man Stephen Griffiths the supervising sound editor]

[Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5183632]


The producer and the audio engineer were kind enough to let me take a photo with the Oscar, (which was very heavy by the way.) It was exciting and I realized I was on this journey all day on purpose, for purpose to share God’s light and to pray for revival in Hollywood.

As the night was winding down and the Oscar winners left the “Spare Room,” Elvina and I decided to hang by the DJ booth for a minute. As we were about to leave, I see a lady with an adorable sparkley bow in her hair and see her dress reminds me of Alice and Wonderland meets Cinderella! I thought, ‘what a pretty dress!’ I decided to compliment her and we ended up chatting and it turns out she is a Christian too and never goes to these types of after parties like me and we connect and talk about Jesus and all He is doing! She tells me she does videography and we connect and take a picture! So neat to see God was with me every step of the way!


I was also able to minister a bit to a Leo look-alike whom I called  “Leo’s little brother,” and who just lost a loved one the week prior. I knew the seeds were being sown into different hearts and lives and knew the night was coming to a close. I look over and see a guy with a really cool gold metallic jacket that reminds me of something Michael Jackson would have worn and realize it is Orlando Jones. (Many of you know him from “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Sleepy Hallow,” the 7-Up Commercials, and much more.) Elvina and I end up talking to him, taking a photo, and turns out he is very humble and kind. So nice meeting him! We end the night on a high note and I really reflected over all God had done! Wow! What a day and what a night! God is so good!


[Image: Christi Given & Orlando Jones at the Spare Room]


I pray my Hollywood prayer walk and Oscar story blessed you and I pray that you would consider partnering with me and others in the industry to really seek God. Let us pray for the media in general, for more positive music and films that will point people to what really matters which is the Lord. (John 3) May God bless you!

Find me on Social Media: @ChristiGiven

Hillsong Pastor & Church Featured in GQ Magazine


Recently, GQ magazine featured the Hillsong Church in their magazine with Carl Lentz. In the article certain celebrities such as Justin Bieber are mentioned who regularly reach out to NYC campus Pastor, Carl Lentz.  The story discusses how the church can reach the hipster, to the average person to the poor, and even to people like the Biebs. The church has a heart for God, Jesus, and people and the story in GQ explains  how it is growing globally. This is such an exciting article, because as I mentioned before, I believe God is doing something in Hollywood, (hence the word Holy-wood), where there will be an army of believers reaching the lost through media.


Many people nowadays either grew up in church or if they have left the church or never have been some confuse Christianity with religion, and not realizing God wants a personal relationship through Jesus Christ. Many don’t understand that it isn’t about religion, but God wants to commune with us, and dwell among us and He loves us so much. Hillsong Church has a great gifting in the field of media, culture, graphics, music, leadership and of course are well known for their chart topping worship music in the Christian/Gospel/Inspiration genre.

[Source: http://www.billboard.com/artist/303522/hillsong/chart ]




In the article, “What Would Cool Jesus Do?” Pastor Carl Lentz explains that himself and Judah Smith (Pastor of the City Church,) mentor Justin and that when he originally reached out he was really desperate to have a real encounter with the living God and wanted to be baptized and born again.

He got on his knees and he cried. ‘I want to know Jesus,’ Justin Bieber sobbed to Pastor Carl. And so together they prayed. Suddenly, Justin was overcome by the Gospel, and he said, ‘Baptize me.’ And Pastor Carl said, ‘Yes, buckaroo’—he really does call Bieber buckaroo, and now you should, too—’let’s do this. Let’s schedule a time.’But Justin Bieber couldn’t be Justin Bieber for one minute longer. ‘No, I want to do it now.’ And Pastor Carl saw salvation in Justin’s eyes, and knew that his baptism couldn’t come quickly enough.”

I love the part of the interview where Carl is speaking out about the draw for celebs to attend the church and he addresses all of God’s children and that everyone is special. There is no judgement for the poor, the single mom, the handicapped or those who are coming in late. I noticed the Pastors invite everyone but they always say, God says come as you are but he loves you too much to stay the same. From the video in the GQ story you can hear testimonies of normal people in New York City who were originally drawn in by the music, but were moved by the message. (Acts 4:11-12) That message being that there is no other name by which we are saved, through Jesus Christ.

“On any given Sunday, Hillsong NYC saves the souls of 8,000 people, and what souls: Justin Bieber, yes, but also Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomez and Kevin Durant and Bono. ‘People say we cater to celebrities,’ Pastor Carl tells me. ‘And I say, yes, we do. Celebrities deserve a relationship with God. Celebrities deserve a place to pray.’ So do all of God’s children, he says. And so they save seats in a special section for celebrities, but also for people in wheelchairs and single mothers who were running late.” -GQ.com

“For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus…” (1 Timothy 2:5)


[Source http://www.gq.com/story/inside-hillsong-church-of-justin-bieber-kevin-durant ]

God is doing something through the entertainment industry to reach souls. Through Hillsong to Justin, to others, and hopefully a domino effect. This is the idea I had of Holy-Wood…a movement of the Gospel of revival to the nations. Of course this will happen through many different churches, people, and through different vessels but technology has enabled us to reach the 4 corners of the world to share the Gospel (this good news of Jesus Christ,) and we have a reach like we have never had before in history because of the increase of technology and knowledge. (All of which is prophesied in the Bible.)

“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” (Daniel 12:4)

“Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12)

[Source http://www.gq.com/story/inside-hillsong-church-of-justin-bieber-kevin-durant ]

Wouldn’t you agree God is doing something in technology, film, music, media and through social media with churches and leading people to Christ? Would you say Hollywood is changing for the better? Or that light is being shined in dark places? Comment below!!

The Hollywood Prayer Network


The Hollywood Prayer Network is a prayer movement for the entertainment industry and for those who influence Hollywood. According to their official website, it is,

“HPN is a movement of prayer for the artists and professionals, projects and productions, and global impact of Hollywood: the world’s most influential mission field.”

The powerful thing about the HPN is that there are over 82 chapters in many different countries and also anyone can join. God really is moving and doing something special in Hollywood, and this is just a part of what the Lord has planned for revival in this part of entertainment and media.

I love that this organization believes in the power of prayer to change, shift and move mountains in media and culture. On their website they quote, 1 John 5:14, from the Bible,

“And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.”

Recently in 2015, they did a 10 days of prayer event where they lifted up Hollywood and that God would be moving by his Holy Spirit. I love the founder’s vision for this past “10 Days of Prayer.”

Karen, the founder of HPN posted on the official site: hollywoodprayernetwork.org that,

“10 Days is an annual opportunity for the Body of Christ in your area to step away from normal routines of daily life and enter into an extended time of experiencing God together through worship, prayer, fasting, and fellowship.  It’s a way for all the believers in your city to unite with Jesus at the center. It’s rooted in the 10 Days between the biblical Feasts of Trumpets, Rosh Hashanah, and the Day of Atonement, Yom Kippur, celebrating these Jewish Holidays…”

The vision of “10 Days of Prayer – Hollywood” is to unite the body of Christ in Hollywood, for 10 days, to lift up the city of Los Angeles, the entertainment industry and the Jewish community in prayer. We want churches to come together and gather as one in the Spirit.”


If you would like to get involved in the HPN, email the founder and director of the organization, Karen here:karen@hpnemail.org

Follow the HPN via Social Media:


Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Hollywood-Prayer-Network/116686335076695

YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCXNeGWRW8upPKOXxvgFwCbg

Do you see a movement on the rise in Hollywood? Feel free to share this article with anyone you know who would like to get involved in the HPN or to also just remind others to keep praying for Hollywood, for influencers, cultural leaders and celebrities, as they change our society hopefully in the future for the better!

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